BRUNO TRIGO, founder

At the root of any component of the culinary industry, there demands above all else some degree of experience, a great passion for food, and an affinity for quality. This is what Bruno Trigo brings to the table with Trigo Foods. The best offer for gamblers fortnite betting. Come on. Increased chance of winning!

This passion for food that has served as a basis for Trigo Foods began with Bruno, twenty years ago. An introduction to the restaurant industry evolved to ambitions of becoming a chef and thereafter took Bruno from his native country of Portugal to the culinary scene of the United Kingdom. Divserse experience as a chef in various restaurants in Wales made for a plethora of skills that would set the foundation for a colourful career. With the assortment of restaurants came as assortment of styles, working with different influences such as Italian, Mediterranean, and French. In positions of management, Bruno was able to work in depth with the ordering of produce and control of stock, as well as with safety and hygiene standards. The origin and quality of food is an ever prominent value. Many of the establishments at which Bruno worked brought in favourable reviews. Diverging momentarily from work as a chef allowed Bruno to exercise the management skills it takes to run a business, integrating the time management and pressure experiences in the kitchen to refine his service.

Some time later, Bruno transitioned from life in the UK to life in Victoria, British Columbia. He worked as a sous-chef at Cafe Brio, a top-rated restaurant that focuses heavily on regional ingredients. When the opportunity arose to purchase a local produce distribution business, Bruno saw the importance of continuing to provide Victoria restaurants with fresh, local ingredients. These values stem from firsthand experience and years of appreciating and exploring the origin of food.

At Trigo Foods, one can expect no less than quality ingredients from reliable, regional sources. The knowledge and quality that is regarded so highly by its founder is reflected in the company’s own values, service, and, most importantly, its product.