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week ending 20th August new items and specials

Author: Bruno


New This Week:


Apples Gala BC 35lbs – 41.25/case or 1.35/lb

Apples Macintosh BC 35lbs – 45.25/case

Grapes Blue BC 20lbs – 43.00/case or 2.50/lb

Melon Cantaloupe BC 40lbs – 28.75/case or 0.85/lb

Oranges Valencia California 72’s – 37.50/case or 0.60/each

Cabbage Green (organic) Longview Farm Saanich 24’s – 67.50/case

Cabbage Red (organic) Longview Farm Saanich 24’s – 74.25/case

Onions Shallots (organic) Longview Farm Saanich 10lbs – 74.25/case

Onions Walla Walla (organic) Longview Farm Saanich 10lbs – 20.25/case

Onions Walla Walla (organic) Longview Farm Saanich 40lbs – 74.25/case

Peppers Hot Anaheim BC 10lbs – 18.00/case

Potato Russets BC 5x10lbs – 25.50/sack or 6.25/bag

Squash Butternut Saanich 35lbs – 32.50/case or 1.10/lb

Tomato Large Field BC 25lbs – 31.25/case

Siu Choy “Napa Cabbage” (organic) Longview Farm Saanich 24’s – 81.00/case


On Special This Week:

(while stocks last)


Peppers Green BC 11lbs – 17.00/case or 1.80/lb

Potato Earlies Warba Nugget Saanich 50lbs – 27.00/case or 0.65/lb

Tomato Orange on-the-vine BC 11lbs – 9.75/flat

Tomato Yellow on-the-vine BC 11lbs – 9.75/flat

Tomato Mixed Frozen Saanich/BC/US 10lbs – 9.00/bag **new lower price**