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week ending 16th July new items and specials

Author: Bruno

BC apples new crop

New This Week:

Oranges Valencia (organic) California 10x4lbs – 89.00/case

Beets Assorted BC 8x1lbs – 28.50/case

Beets Red BC 8x1lbs – 28.25/case

Carrots Jumbo BC 50lbs – 47.00/sack

Carrots Snaptop BC 50lbs – 38.00/case

Cauliflower BC 12’s – 23.00/case or 2.20/each

Fennel Bulbs (Anise) BC 24’s – 42.75/case or 2.05/each

On Special This Week:

(while stocks last)


Potato Red “A” California 50lbs – 30.00/case

Tomato Yellow on-the-vine BC 11lbs – 12.00/flat

Tomato Mixed Frozen Saanich/BC/US 10lbs – 10.00/bag