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week ending 11th new items and specials

Author: Bruno

2012-06-21 11.59.50

New This Week:


Grapes Sugarones Green (seedless) Chile 18lbs – 58.25/case or 3.70/lb

Basil Green Bunched BC 6’s – 14.25/bag or 2.70/bunch

Parsley Italian Bunched BC 6’s-  4.75/bag or 0.90/bunch

Cucumber LE Ungraded BC 12’s – 13.50/case or 0.65/each

Lettuce Iceberg BC 24’s – 29.50/case

Onions Red Mesh (organic) US 16x3lbs – 96.25/case

Peppers Hot Jalapeno (organic) Longview Farm Saanich 10lbs – 47.25/case

Swiss Chard Red (organic) BC 24’s – 62.00/case

Tomato Beefsteak (pesticide free) Sun Wing Greenhouses Saanich 15lbs – 33.50/flat

Zucchini Green Saanich 25lbs – 28.50/case or 1.30/lb

Bok Choy Shanghai Longview Farms (organic) Saanich 20lbs – 75.00/case


On Special This Week:

(while stocks last)


Savoury (org. grown/not cert) Gavin’s Greens Saanich loose – 16.00/lb

Potato Earlies Warba Nugget Saanich 50lbs – 50.00/case or 1.15/lb

Potato Yukon Gold Nuggets BC 50lbs – 31.25/case or 0.75/lb

Tomato Mixed Frozen Saanich/BC/US 10lbs – 10.00/bag