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week ending 23rd new items and specials

Author: Bruno

BC lettuce ensemble

New This Week:


Beans Fava California 25lbs – 58.25/case

Beans Yellow California 10lbs – 35.00/case

Cucumber LE Ungraded BC 20lbs – 20.00/case

Kale Red Bunched Saanich 24’s – 28.50/case or 1.40/bunch

Lettuce Ensemble (butter, oak leaf and frisée mix) BC 8×4’s – 27.50/case or 3.96/each

Mustard Greens Loose (org. grown/not cert.) Gavin’s Greens Saanich 24’s – 15.50/lb

Peas English California 30lbs – 83.75/case

Potato Yukon Gold (organic) PEI 10x5lbs – 74.00/sack

Tomato Yellow on-the-vine BC 11lbs – 26.75/flat


On Special This Week:

(while stocks last)


Savoury Saanich (org/not cert) Gavin’s Greens Saanich loose – 16.00 – lb

Beans Green US/Mexico 5lbs – 9.75/box

Beets Candy Cane BC 25lbs – 35.00/sack or 1.75/lb

Brussel Sprouts California 5lbs – 8.00/box or 2.00/lb

Fiddlehead BC 5lbs – 46.25/case or 10.75/lb

Garlic (organic) Argentina 12x3oz – 40.00/case or 3.80/bag

Potato Fingerlings Canada 16 x 1.5lbs – 49.75/case

Tomato Grape Orange BC 12x10oz – 23.75/flat or 2.20/lb

Strawberry Frozen IQF (stem off) Saanich 3lbs – 15.00/bag