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week ending 2nd April new items and specials

Author: Bruno

local heirloom tomato

New This Week:


Apples Gala XFCY (organic) Washington 12x3lbs – 112.50/case

Apples Pink Lady XFCY (organic) Washington 12x3lbs – 112.25/case

Limes Key Mexico 10x1lbs – 35.00/case

Beets Red Large Saanich 25lbs – 21.75/sack or 1.00/lb

Brussel Sprouts #1 California 25lbs – 101.25/case or 4.65 lb

Carrots Juicing (organic) US 25lbs – 29.25/case

Peppers Orange BC 11lbs – 39.00/case or 4.05/lb

Peppers Red BC 11lbs – 30.75/case or 3.25/lb

Tomato Beefsteak HH BC 15lbs – 42.00/flat

Tomato Cherry Red “Cabernet” BC 12x10oz – 42.00/flat or 2.95/each

Tomato Cherry Yellow BC 11lbs – 30.75/flat or 3.25/lb

Tomato Grape Orange BC 15lbs – 31.25/flat or 3.25/lb

Tomato Roma BC 25lbs – 42.00/case or 1.95/lb



On Special This Week:

(while stocks last)


Beans Green US/Mexico 5lbs – 12.00/box

Beets Candy Cane BC 25lbs – 41.75/sack or 1.90/lb

Onions Shallots (org. grown/not cert.) Fleur de l’Ile Farm Courtenay 5lbs – 24.50/bag or 6.20/lb

Strawberry Frozen IQF (stem off) Saanich 3lbs – 15.00/bag

Strawberry Puree Frozen (org.) Vantreight Farm Saanich (+/- 5lbs bag) – 1.00/lb